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Lauren Varney, Owner
CCB# 233015

I bring 30 years of experience working across construction, landscaping, deconstruction, and project management. I am committed to excellent communication, high quality craftsmanship, and collaboration with clients to meet their goals.

I am a licensed contractor (Oregon CCB #233015), and registered, bonded, and insured in Oregon.


My approach is values-driven. I approach each project with the following questions in mind.

Sustainability and stewardship: What design options are best for the health of the planet, local habitat, your neighbors, and your household? Are there materials on-site that can be reused? Are there salvaged materials that can be used in this project? 


Self-sufficiency and community:  What design options will make you and your community more resilient in the face of climate change, disasters, or other unforeseen crises? What resources-such as food, water, energy, and space- do you want to be prepared to have and share? 


Creativity: What can we create to bring enhanced ingenuity, beauty, comfort, or joy to this space? How can we creatively respond to design challenges?


I have long been passionate about helping everyday people make their homes more sustainable. I grew up in NE Portland, and began learning the trades by working alongside my parents in our home. As I moved into professional landscaping and construction-and undertook my own home improvement projects-I was disappointed to see that so many building practices billed as "sustainable" are unaffordable to most people. In 2003, I co-founded Home Resource, a building material reuse center in Missoula, MT, in order to help people waste less, reuse more, and improve their homes.  Now that I'm back in Portland, I'm looking forward to helping more people live their values as they enhance their home and landscape.

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